Complete Coffee Cupping Supply Set


Showroom Coffee’s Cupping Supply Set ensures you have everything you need on the table for an efficient cupping.   After operating our own coffee quality lab since 2007, we’ve refined what’s important and what’s not when you’re cupping.  You should be thinking not only about bowl size and shape, but also ease of movement and cleanliness.  These sets offer you the peace of mind that all the items you’re ordering have been tried and tested by our own cupping experts.

Each of the items in this set can be purchased individually on our site, however, the Complete Cupping Supply Set provides considerable price breaks (compared to purchasing each item individually).

Read below for more details about the sets, and choose from the dropdown menu to see the price of each set.

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When cupping, you will want to taste 3-5 cups per coffee (to check for consistency), plus 1 cup for dipping your spoon in clean water between cups.  Our cupping table trays make it easy to carry all of your cups between the table, grinder, cleaning area, etc.  The spoon is a deep-bowl for proper slurping.  The bean tray holds those beans so you can visually assess quality, and the tray’s flexibility makes it easy to pour beans back into your storage bag.   And yes, we’ve even thought of the perfect spit cup – the “long drop” enabled by this tall cup will reduce that unwanted splash back up (just don’t let it get too full!).

We offer sets for 1 coffee, 6 coffees, 12 coffees, 24 coffees.   The 24-set is meant for events or, as we do when we have a table going in our lab, having the next table of 6-10 coffee’s all weighed out and ready to go next.  If you’re at home and only cupping 1 coffee at a time, then the one-er will do.  If you’re a big’ ol roastery lab you might want to look at that 24-set!

Here’s what we include in each Cupping Supply Set:

1-Coffee Set: 6 cups (5 for cupping, 1 for water), 1 table tray, 1 spoon, 1 spit cup, 1 bean tray

6-Coffee Set: 36 cups, 6 table trays, 4 spoons, 4 spit cups, 6 bean trays

12-Coffee Set: 72 cups, 12 table trays, 6 spoons, 6 spit cups, 12 bean trays

24-Coffee Set: 144 cups, 24 table trays, 8 spoons, 8 spit cups, 24 bean trays


In addition to the above, you’ll need access to a good grinder, rags or paper towels (we place one rag next to each coffee to drip off water from spoon after dipping), and hot water (regular tap or mineral water, not softened, not distilled – give it 1-3 mins rest off boil depending on the temperature of your room).

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