Since 2014 we have proudly served as the premier worldwide source for the Huky Roaster, one of our all-time favorite roasting machines.  Huky units are in stock and ready to ship from our New York warehouse (most variations).  We also sell Huky replacement parts!

The Huky can roast samples down to 150g and roasts up to 450g. It provides excellent data and control for profiling or home roasting.

Free Shipping to the US, Mexico and Canada!  Because we stock most models in our New York warehouse, we can ship orders to US customers same or next business day!  We ship worldwide – for international orders, please contact us for a rate, or after you place your order we will contact you with the additional rate for international shipping.

Why buy your Huky Roaster from Showroom?  Not only do you get peace of mind by dealing directly with a local supplier with free shipping (if you’re based in the US, Mexico or Canada), but you’ll also ensure that your Huky includes all the right parts for the ideal and most efficient roasting experience and the correct gas and electrical connections for your location.  More – if you’re choosing the RTD option – we ensure you get all the right fittings and connectors for seamless communication between your Huky and your computer’s roasting software.  If you’re in the US, you’ll receive your Huky 2-3 weeks faster than ordering direct from the factory, since we stock Huky units in New York.

Take advantage of 10% OFF GREEN COFFEE when ordering with a Huky (discount will show in cart), plus a lifetime 5% off our green beans and cupping lab supplies!

Financing now available for individuals and businesses! More info here.



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Huky 500T Features

Don’t be fooled by all the techy specs below!  Read on to know what’s included, but rest assured that the Huky is easy for any beginner to set up and easy to learn.  In no time you’ll be producing beautiful, consistent roast quality.

CAPACITY: 500 grams / 1.1 pounds max

CONTROLS: Heats from propane IR stove.  Variable airflow.  Temperature probes (thermocouple or RTD) measure bean temperature (BT) and environmental temperature (ET).  Plus an optional MET probe to track exhaust temperature.

Automatically track roasts with Artisan Roast Profiling Software (see addtional note about Artisan at the bottom of this page)

COOLING: Extra cooling tray, fan, and exhaust hood included in our complete Huky kits.

ROTATION: 48 rpm (stainless steel perforated drum), 78 rpm (stainless steel solid drum)

TIME RANGE: 8 – 15 minutes

VENTILATION: Exhaust hood allows you to vent smoke outside

The Showroom Huky Complete Kits include a custom brass fitting for gas connection and a gas hose/regulator that easily screws onto most propane tanks in the US and Canada (similar to a gas grill hook up). For orders in other countries, we will work with you to determine your preferred gas and electrical connection/plug types.

WARRANTY:  Parts and shipping of parts is covered for one year.  After one year, parts are available for purchase.


WEIGHT: 13.23 pounds

FOOTPRINT: 15.75×7.5×13.8inches

POWER: 110v, or 220v upon request


Huky 500 Roaster Full Kits (choose between Thermocouple or RTD)

Showroom Thermocouple Huky Kit – $2,529

In the Thermocouple Kit, the thermocouple probes connect to a Center 301 handheld thermometer (included) and then to your computer via USB.  This kit includes:

  • 2 x K-type sheath thermocouples, 3.1mm (3 thermocouples if choosing the MET add-on)
  • Base Center 301 Dual Input Thermometer – handheld device that can be used to view temperature readings, and also connect via USB to a computer to track on Artisan.   Having a handheld thermometer is helpful if you’re roasting outdoors, at a farmers market, etc, where you don’t have access to a computer to view your temperature readings on Artisan.  This is the 301 model which includes two ports, so you can track both ET an BT in one view.  If you choose the MET add-on the Center 304 will be provided, to allow for the extra input.


Showroom RTD Huky Kit $2,589

***Now offering a complete RTD Kit!  RTD temperature probes provide more accurate readings than thermocouples, and 4-wire RTD probes are the top choice by Artisan engineers. Read up on RTDs hereIn the RTD Kit, RTD probes connect to Phidgets, and then to a Phidget Hub, which connects via USB to your computer (no handheld thermometer included). This kit includes:

  • 2 x PT1000 4-wire RTD stainless steel temperature probe, 3.2mm (3 RTD probes if choosing the MET add-on)
  • 2 x Phidget RTD TMP1200 (3 x TMP1200 if choosing the MET add-on)
  • 1 x Phidget VINT HUB
  • All connecting wires included
  • 1 x Enclosure Box to hold your Phidget devices and extra wire length.  Maintain a less cluttered workspace by keeping all your Phidgets out of the way and away from damage.

Note: The RTD Kit requires some small level of installation by the customer.  To prevent bent temperature probes or loose wire connections in transit, the customer will install the RTD probes on the face of the Huky and then connect the wires between the probes/Phidget RTD/Hub.  This is easy to perform (only a small screwdriver is needed) and does not require any opening of the roaster – it is all done on the outside of the roaster.


Optional MET probe (EXTRA)

This is a third probe located high in the drum to track exhaust temperature. Most Huky units are ordered without this, but it can be helpful as an additional data point to track.  Additional cost for MET probe is +$65 for the thermocouple kit (1 extra thermocouple and upgrade to Center 304) or +$90 for the RTD kit (1 extra RTD probe and one extra Phidget TMP1200)


Both the Showroom Thermocouple Kit and the Showroom RTD Kit include all the following items:

  • Huky Base Roaster Housing and motor, including a solid drum or perforated drum (solid recommended)
  • Propane IR stove with custom gas fitting to match North American gas connections (or hose-barb style fitting for other countries)
  • Propane Gas Hose & Pressure Regulator – easily screws onto a standard propane tank in the US/Canada. For other countries, we provide a hose and regulator with hose-barb style fitting
  • USB cable to connect your Huky to Artisan or other roasting software on a nearby computer
  • Exhaust Fan and Exhaust Hood
  • Bean Hopper
  • Dedicated Cooling Fan* (separate from Exhaust Fan) includes:
    • Extra Cooling Tray
    • Extra Cooling Fan
    • Extra Funnel
  • 2 pounds “break-in beans” green coffee for practice (seasoning the drum is not necessary on a Huky but this 2lbs will allow you 2-4 practice roasts before you dive into your good beans).  Usually this is our Bag Ends Blend product.

*We include a second fan system in our Huky Kits. The exhaust fan assembly is great at collecting chaff and allows another way of controlling airflow during the roast. Without the extra cooling fan setup, you would need to use the same fan for both exhaust and cooling, which can become quite cumbersome. That’s why we include a second fan set up so that you aren’t forced to clear the chaff from the cooling tray at a critical time in the roast.

If you have questions or requests for alternative configurations of your Huky roaster, please email


Shipping is FREE on all Huky units within the US, Canada and Mexico.  We stock Huky units at our warehouse in New York and we usually ship out orders same or next business day.  Shipments to Canada and Mexico include all brokerage fees and duties.  We are the only supplier of Huky in the US, and this is significantly faster than waiting 2-3 weeks for a Huky to depart from the factory in Taiwan.  Note that, due to Huky variations (RTD, thermocouple, MET, etc), we may not always have all options in stock.

For orders from other countries we ship directly from the factory, and shipping is usually $0-$100 additional cost.  Please contact us for a quote.

Green Coffee Discount

Take advantage of 10% off Showroom’s green coffee when ordering with a Huky.  No coupon code needed – discount will show in cart.  (Bag Ends excluded from this discount). Huky owners who bought through Showroom Coffee will also receive a coupon code for a lifetime 5% off our green coffee!


We are proud to offer financing to both individuals and businesses. Individuals can finance their purchase through Affirm, already integrated into Showroom’s checkout process.  Commercial businesses may finance their roaster through Partners Capital.  For more infomation on both types of financing, pleae visit our Roaster Financing Page.

Useful links

Hey, it’s always a good idea to read up a bit on a purchase like this. Check out the discussions at the Huky Forum, Huky Coffee Roaster Facebook Group and the Home Coffee Roasters Facebook Group – before and after you decide to buy.

Note on Artisan: For those using the Artisan software (open-source and free to use), we stronly suggest you make a contribution to support the software’s ongoing maintenance and improvements.  We also suggest you check out, which is their paid version with cool extra features like inventory management, direct integration with our green bean data, and discounts on green coffee.

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