This is an exciting roaster; it can manage samples down to 150g, and roasts up to 450g – and provides great information and control for profiling either way.

Made individually to order, please expect 2-3 weeks between order and fulfillment; this item ships separately from other items.

Shipping within the US is included in price!  For international orders, please contact us for a rate, or after you place your order we will contact you with the additional rate for international shipping.


Huky 500T Features

ROASTER TYPE: Professional, plug-in and stovetop (optional)

CAPACITY: 500 grams / 1.1 pounds

CONTROLS: Heats from propane IR stove. Control air-flow and directness of heat through adjustable shutter over perforated drum. Dual-probe measures drum temperature (analog) and bean temperature (K-Type electrical)

Automatically track roasts with free Artisan Roast Profiling Software (

COOLING: Extra cooling tray, fan, and exhaust hood included

ROTATION: 48 rpms (stainless steel perforated drum), 78 rpms (stainless steel solid drum)

TIME RANGE: 8 – 15 minutes

VENTILATION: Exhaust hood allows you to pipe smoke outside

Cooling Tray and Fan, Loading Funnel, Thermocoupler

The Crop to Cup recommended kit includes a custom brass fitting for gas connection, and a gas line that easily screws onto most propane tanks in the US (similar to a gas grill hook up)


WEIGHT: 13.23 pounds

FOOTPRINT: 15.75×7.5×13.8inches

POWER: 110v – 220v upon request

This roaster is built one-by-one by a talented gentleman named Kuanho Li, and so some degree of customization is allowed. However, we recommend getting the complete package, as listed here.  If you have questions, pick up the phone and call us – or come by our Brooklyn showroom where we have a demo unit on display and open to trial.

Our Recommended Kit (as listed)

Huky 500 Roaster Kit – $2,389Huky Base Roaster*

Propane IR stove

Exhaust Hood

Base 301 Dual Input Thermometer **

USB cable

Probes x 2

Extra Cooling Tray ***

Extra Cooling Fan ***

Extra Exhaust Hood ***

Extra Funnel ***

Delivery to US address. Transit time average of 1 week. **** Shipping to other locations may require additional shipping charges. Contact us for a quote to non-US addresses.

*Upon request, the Huky’s perforated drum can be replaced with a solid drum at the same cost. While you trade-off speedy temperature control, and require longer pre-heating, the solid drum has the extra benefit of going from 48 up to 72 rpms.

**The Base 301 Thermocoupler is more expensive than the 300 model, but has two inputs, allowing us to measure both bean and environmental temperature at the same time. It’s worth it.

***We recommend a second cooling system; the cooling fan assembly is great at collecting chaff, and allows us another way of controlling air-flow during roast, but we’ve found that it’s best to have a second cooling system on-hand so that you aren’t forced to clear the chaff from the cooling tray at such a critical time in the roast

****Price includes customs and import into the US.

Useful links

Hey, it’s always a good idea to read around a bit too, and this roaster has been talked about quite a bit online. We enjoy the production value of the video link you’ll see below, and our favorite online review comes from Home Barista, who does an amazing three part review of the roaster.

Also, check out the discussion s at the Huky Forum – before and after you decide to buy.

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