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The Arc S is a closed barrel, modular sample roasting system with batch sizes that range from 50g-200g.  Small minimum batch sizes allow labs to get as many roasts as possible on scarce offer and pss samples.  The Arc S is built for precision with RTD probes measuring ET and BT, communicating through a redesigned motherboard for responsive communication with Artisan / Cropster.  The native roast tracking and small drum size allows labs to re-roast samples (with accompanying roast curve data), to guarantee they are cupping a good representation of a lot.   As labs see samples arrive in torrents during peak harvest, the modular nature – up to four barrels per exhaust line –  of the Arc S allows for maximum roasting efficiency when handing heavy sample volumes.  Because the Arc S was designed as a closed-barrel environment, roasters that are experienced in larger-format drum roasting will find that their skills translate directly, and the operation of the Arc S intuitive.  The closed barrel design closely approximates a production environment allowing labs to experience coffees as their customer will and to share roast profile information for controlled calibration exercises.  At scale, the Arc is a good fit for high volume import and export labs domestically and internationally.  The combination of its modest price point and overbuilt feature-set makes the Arc S a nice addition for QC labs handling small pre-ships or that find value in a closed-drum design. If you’d like to try an Arc, please email us to set up an appointment at the Crop to Cup Coffee Importers Showroom, or a nearby shared roasting facility.

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[Arc S spec sheet] | [Arc S especificaciones (Español)]

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Arc S – Features

ROASTER TYPE: Modular sample roaster, professional, gas or electric

BARRELS:  Intuitive, closed-barrel system that approximates a larger production environment.  Available, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 barrel configurations, with separate heating, exhaust and cooling to achieve consistency between barrels.

CAPACITY: 50-200 grams / 0.11-0.44 pounds. Suggested roast volumes: 125 grams or 200 grams

HEAT SOURCE:  Gas heat / propane (LP) or LNG at 8,000 BTUs. The majority of customers operate with LPG/propane due to much easier setup and more reliable pressure than LNG.  On multiple drum units, only one propane tank is needed (gas splits to each unit).  A regualator hose is provided with all propane-model orders.  LNG users need to have a gas professional provide a pressure regualator allowing 30-50mbar pressure and connect the roaster to building gas line.

CONTROL: This machine is designed to have all the manual controls that larger capacity commercial machines would offer.  The Arc S features a variable speed drum as well as stepless control of airflow and heat.

AIRFLOW METER: Air pressure gauge for measuring airflow included standard on the Arc S.  On multiple-drum units, each unit has its own airflow meter and exhaust fan.  Having an airflow meter on each unit allows for users to respond and make easy adjustments in airflow and gas to achieve consistency between drums (to fairly evaluate samples side by side, matching roast environments is critical when roasting multiple samples at the same time).

TEMPERATURE PROBES: 3 temperature probes track temperatures at 100-500 millisecond sampling rate on the roaster screen or on a computer.  2 x 3mm RTD PT100 temperature probes measure exhaust/environmental temperature (ET) and bean temperature (BT). A 4mm K-type thermocouple measures incoming air temperature.

ROAST TRACKING/CONNECTIVITY: Track/profile roasts with Artisan or Cropster  – connected by USB.  RTD probes send data to Artisan or Cropster at a 100 millisecond (1/10 second) sampling rate, or to the roaster’s screen at a 500 millisecond (1/2 second) sampling rate. [Instructions for connecting your Arc to Cropster]

COOLING: Separate cooling fan(s). On multiple-drum units each unit has its own cooling tray fan.

TIME RANGE: 7 – 12 minutes

VENTILATION: Via 3″ flexible venting duct, utilizing separate outlets from cooling fan and airflow fan.  On multiple-drum units, each unit has its own exhaust fan.  Exhaust lines all connect to to one shared final exhaust outlet (via a stainless steel connector with customized internal branches to reduce air friction between the units’ airflows). Or you can vent each one out separately without connecting them.

WARRANTY: Industry standard warranty covers parts for 1 year. Shipping on parts is covered for the first month.


WEIGHT (1 barrel): 82 lbs

ELECTRICAL: 110v (100-120v) or 220v (200-240v).  On multiple drum GAS units, only one plug is needed to electrical source (additional units plug into the main unit for power). On fully electiric multiple drum units (no gas), each unit requires its own electrical outlet. Each fully electric unit (no gas) requires 10amp and 2000 watts.

FOOTPRINT: 28.6 x 10 x 28.2 in (depth x w x h)


SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 35 x 18 x 28 in (l x w x h)

DRUM: Variable Speed (27-82 RPM), Carbon Steel (very similar to cast iron), Solid Drum, with 25w motor, 4.5 in (114mm) diameter, 3mm thickness

COOLING TRAY: 20w motor

EXHAUST FAN: 25w motor

[Arc S spec sheet] | [Arc S especificaciones (Español)]


SHIPPING OR PICKUP: We ship to customers in the US and Canada from our warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, via truck freight (LTL) or air freight. We also offer affordable air freight shipping from our Brooklyn warehouse to most of Central America, The Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

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Upon receipt of your order, we will gather shipping quotes and email you with the best option. When you approve the shipping rate, we will charge your card for the remaining shipping amount due and proceed to bench testing the unit and shipping.

Shipping to mainland US & Canada usually ranges from $200-$450 depending on location type and delivery add-ons (delivery to some remote locations of the US and Canada may cost more).  Customers in Canada can use their own import broker, or we can handle all brokerage and duties for you for a $90 broker fee plus duties (usually between $200 and $300).

If you can pick up your Arc from our Brooklyn, NY Showroom then you save on the cost of shipping to your door. However, NY customers (pick up in Brooklyn or ship within NY State) are subject to NYS sales tax – calculated upon checkout.  Customers in IL are also subject to sales tax.

Orders to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico ship via air freight for $300-$400 (customer picks up the cargo at the airport).

Orders to Central America, The Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador ship via air freight for $500-$600 (customer picks up the cargo at the airport).  Price does not include import duties.

The above shipping estimates apply to one-barrel Arc S orders. For multiple barrel shippping please contact us for a quote.



We are proud to offer financing to both individuals and businesses. Individuals can finance their purchase through Affirm, already integrated into Showroom’s checkout process.  Commercial businesses may finance their roaster through Partners Capital.  For more infomation on both types of financing, pleae visit our Roaster Financing Page.