Arc S – 200g Sample Roaster


Curently accepting deposits ($1,500 per barrel) for new units with expected shipping date from New York in late February or March 2022 ($3,510-$14,900 depending on # of barrels and gas type).  Expected availability is late Feb 2022 from New York, or we can ship within 2-4 weeks from order date via air freight from our factory.   We also have several unusesd and lightly used older models in stock in New York at attractive discounts – email us for more details.

The Arc S 50-200g sample roaster brings a new level of affordability, ease-of-use, and consistency to sample roasting.  Having operated our own coffee quality control lab since 2007 and visited hundreds of sample roasting rooms around the world at exporters, importers, and roasters, we developed the S to meet the unique needs of sample roasting.  The Arc S comes in 1, 2, 3 or 4-barrel units, and the closed-drum environment allows all users across the supply chain to more easily calibrate around quality. Learn more about why we developed the Arc S in this interview or watch this video.

Deliveries in the US and Canada ship by quick LTL trucking. Now offering quick and low-rate air freight to Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica and many areas of Mexico.  Arc Roasters ship elsewhere globally via air or ocean freight ($800-$1,600 shipping depending on location).  We also offer affordable ocean shipping from New York to much of Central and Latin America.

Select your barrel and heat preferences below to see pricing. Multi barrel units include added materials cost to allow for the connection.

Take advantage of 20% off green coffee (excluding Bag Ends) when ordering with an Arc!  Discount will be in the form of a refund after the order is placed.


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Arc S – Sample Roaster

ROASTER TYPE: Professional, gas or electric

BARRELS:  Closed-barrel system.  Available, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 barrel configurations, with separate heating, exhaust and cooling to achieve consistency between barrels

CAPACITY: 50-200 grams / 0.11-0.44 pounds

SUGGESTED ROAST VOLUMES: 125 grams or 200 grams

HEAT SOURCE:  Gas heat / propane (LP) or LNG @ 8,000 BTUs. The majority of customers operate with LPG/propane due to much easier setup and more reliable pressure than LNG.  On multiple drum units, only one propane tank is needed (gas splits to each unit).

CONTROLS: Stepless control of air-flow and heat allows for quick-response adjustments. Three RTD PT100 temperature probes measure exhaust/environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and incoming air temperature

Automatically track roasts with Artisan Roast Profiling Software or Cropster Roast software – connected by USB.

COOLING: Separate cooling fan(s). On multiple-drum units each unit has its own cooling tray fan

TIME RANGE: 7 – 12 minutes

VENTILATION: Via 3″ flexible venting duct, utilizing separate outlets from cooling fan and airflow fan.  On multiple-drum units, each unit has its own exhaust fan.  Exhaust lines all connect to to one shared final exhaust outlet (via a stainless steel connector with customized internal branches to reduce air friction between the units’ airflows). Or you can vent each one out separately without connecting them.

AIRFLOW METER: Air pressure gauge for measuring airflow included standard on the Arc S.  On multiple-drum units, each unit has its own airflow meter and exhaust fan.  Having an airflow meter on each unit allows for users to respond and make easy adjustments in airflow and gas to achieve consistency between drums (to fairly evaluate samples side by side, matching roast environments is critical when roasting multiple samples at the same time).


WEIGHT (1 barrel): 82 lbs

ELECTRICAL: 110v (100-120v) or 220v (200-240v).  On multiple drum units, only one plug is needed to electrical source. Additional units plug into the main unit for power.

FOOTPRINT: 28.6 x 10 x 28.2 in (depth x w x h)


SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 35 x 18 x 28 in (depth x w x h)

DRUM: Variable Speed (27-82 RPM), Carbon Steel (very similar to cast iron), Solid Drum, with 25w motor, 4.5 in (114mm) diameter, 3mm thickness

COOLING TRAY: 20w motor

EXHAUST FAN: 25w motor

If you have any questions please pick up the phone and call us, or come by our Brooklyn showroom where we have a demo unit to try out.

If you can pick up your Arc from our Brooklyn, NY showroom then you save on the cost of domestic shipping to your door. However, NY customers (pickup in Brooklyn or ship within NY State) are subject to NYS sales tax – calculated upon checkout. Customers in IL are also subject to sales tax.

****Roaster list price does not delivery to your door. Upon receipt of your order, we will gather shipping quotes and email you with the best option. Upon your approval of the shipping rate we will charge your card for the remaining shipping amount due and proceed to bench testing and shipping.

Now offering quick and low-rate air freight to Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica and many areas of Mexico (excluding Mexico City).  $400-$600 with only 1 week+/- transit time for delivery to a local airport.

Shipping to Mexico City via truck is approximately $800 including all broker fees and import duties/taxes. Contact us for a quote to your city.

WARRANTY: Industry standard warranty covers parts for 1 year. Shipping on parts is covered for the first month.