Precision, countertop coffee roasting for your home or lab.

Showroom Coffee is proud to serve as the exclusive distributor for the Kaffelogic Nano 7 across the US and Mexico.

Why Kaffelogic

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 and its simple, automated roast control system is built for daily, back-to-back use, whether you’re roasting daily or weekly for friends and family at home or for samples in your professional coffee lab.

At Showroom we only sell products we use and can vouch for in our daily use as one of the country’s premier specialty coffee importers. We’ve hunted for years for a roaster that’s affordable enough for the home and small businesses, and robust enough to offer unilmited roast control and proffessional grade materials. We put the Nano 7 through the wringer as we compared it to other roasters on the market of similar size – many double the price or more and half the warranty. We use it as a sample roaster in our lab, we use it when we travel to origin to meet with farmers and exporters, and we use it at home when we need to pour coffee perfection for those close to us.

Kaffelogic roasters are crafted from high-quality materials by experts in coffee roasting and machine engineering in New Zealand.

Simple, Intuitive Roasting for the Home

Roasting on the Kaffelogic is a breeze even if its your first time roasting coffee.  Choose from one of 12 pre-loaded roast profiles, and, with the push of a button and 8-12 minutes later (we recommend catching up on the crossword) you have 100-200g of perfectly roasted coffee (100g on base unit, or 200g with the Boost add-on).  Roast every day, every few days, or every week, and always have fresh coffee at home. When you want ot try something different, you can easily modify roast profiles using the Kaffelogic Studio software. Save the profile when you find something you like, or download a new one.

Precise, Adaptable Roasting for Lab Samples and Prosumer

Kaffelogic is one of our go-to roasters for sample roasting at Showroom and Crop to Cup Coffee Importers. The computerized roast control system mimics an artisanal hands-on roaster , right down to making precise adjustments at specific times during the roast. As a result there are a raft of groundbreaking technical innovations built into the Kaffelogic roast control system. The PID control loop uses predictive rate of rise (not just temperature) which gives the Nano 7 unprecedented ability to follow a profile curve. Add to this the ability to make subtle changes to PID gain parameters, apply power boosts, and use power profiling at pre-defined times during the roast and you have the most nuanced roast control system in the world.

For those looking to create their own personal perfection, Kaffelogic offers unlimited customization of fan speed, temperature and time through the powerful Kaffelogic Studio software.  With Studio you can share and download new roast profiles, customize your own profiles and view logs. Kaffelogic Studio features an easy-to-use curve editor that allows you to quickly draw roast profile curves exactly as you want them. There are also a number of settings that can be adjusted, including fan profile and changes that can be made to the roaster’s behaviour at specific times during the roast. These settings are organised into four levels of difficulty, so that the beginner can select an appropriate set of controls without being overwhelmed at the start.

Kaffelogic Studio has been built to facilitate using the Nano 7 as a sample roaster for commercial production roasts. It can import and export in a number of formats including Artisan, Cropster, Sonofresco™, and Ikawa™ (import only). And because production roasters have different bean temperature probes it also has temperature and time conversions that can be automated, tuned, and saved to enable near instant transfer of a Kaffelogic profile onto your production roaster. And if that seems a bit complicated, our roast consultant can assist with training.


We’re in the process of adding Kaffelogics to our network of co-roasting and coffee lab spaces through the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. Currently, we have test units available in Brooklyn, New York to give you a chance to roast on Kaffelogic. Email us or reach out directly to set up an appointment.

Customer Reviews


Can I use Kaffelogic as a sample roaster?

Yes, in fact the Kaffelogic is used in the lab of Showroom Coffee and Crop to Cup Coffee Importers.  With the Kaffelogic you’re able to roast samples as small as 50g and save and re-use roast profiles. Morover, you can modify your sample roast profile depending on your sample’s growing elevation, origin, processing method. These features introduce critical levels of both consistency and adjustmen necessary for proper green coffee evaluation.

Can I travel with Kaffelogic?

Certainly!  The Kaffelogic Nano 7’s same compact, unobtrusive design that allows it to sit perfectly on a kitchen countertop or lab bench allows for easy travel. Pack it your suitcase for a weekend with friends, or bring it along on your next coffee sourcing trip to roast and evaluate coffees with farmers.

I have never roasted coffee before, how easy is it?

Add a scoop of green beans and press start. The Nano 7 will take it from there. Want to roast darker? Press + before start. Want to roast lighter? Press – before start.

The Nano 7 plays back a roast program that has been designed by an expert, making artisan-quality roasting accessible to everyone. When you buy a Nano 7 you get access to the full suite of design tools, but for daily use it’s as easy as pressing a button.

Why only 50-200g batch size?

Roasted coffee is only at peak flavour for a few days. It makes sense to roast a batch that you will use up in a few days or less. You wouldn’t grind a whole lot of coffee in advance, and now there is no need to roast a whole lot in advance either. With Kaffelogic it’s quicker to put on a roast than it is to brew a coffee. Roast on demand is now a reality.

Do I have to wait 3 days before using my freshly roasted coffee?

No. It depends on the roast profile. Kaffelogic has developed different profiles for immediate consumption and 3-5 day resting. For more on this topic see this blog post: Programmed peak flavor.

Does it really matter that I have precise control over the roast?

Yes it does. You can taste the difference when the roast is just right – the flavour almost leaps out of the bean. There are thousands of chemicals that contribute to the coffee experience, most of them are created during the roast and many of them are delicate long chain molecules. Just as opening the oven door at the wrong time will cause your pavlova to collapse, variations in the heating of the beans during roasting can disrupt the formation of those molecules. Get it right and the magic starts to happen. That’s why the master artisanal roaster is so highly valued, and why sophisticated control software is so important in an unattended roasting system.

What is a roast profile?

A roast profile is a set of instructions that tells the roaster exactly how the coffee should be roasted. It includes a time-temperature curve, a time-fan speed curve, and a collection of other settings that ensure optimal conditions for the coffee and roast repeatability. There is a default profile built into the unit, and additional profiles can be stored as files on a USB memory stick for loading into the roaster.

How much smoke does it make?

The Kaffelogic roaster produces about the same amount of smoke as frying food. The smoke is barely visible and a domestic range hood extractor fan is plenty sufficient for removing it from the kitchen. A good extractor fan will eliminate all smell; a less effective fan will leave you with a pleasant whiff of roasting coffee. If you do not have an extractor fan we recommend running a domestic air purifier in the same room. Otherwise you will notice quite a strong smell of roasting coffee. Some people like it, others are not so keen on it. Without some form of ventilation or air filter we recommend roasting only one batch at a time.

How do I access support for tips and repairs?

Contact us here at Showroom Coffee anytime you need support, tips or replacement parts. You can also visit the Kaffelogic Community Forum, Kaffelogic User Facebook Group, visit kaffelogic.com for manuals and other downloads, or visit the Kaffelogic Support Wiki.  As for repairs, We want your grandchildren to inherit your Kaffelogic in perfect working order. That’s why Kaffelogic uses only robust components, why every part is replaceable, and why the roaster can be disassembled and reassembled with ordinary tools. The best way to be sustainable is to build with the future in mind and to honor the right to repair. If you’ve bought your Kaffelogic from Showroom Coffee, we warrenty your unit for 2 years.

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