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Le Nez du Cafe is the coffee industry’s core tool for coffee taster aroma training.

Presented in a sleek wooden box, it is also incredibly fun to enjoy with friends at home or colleagues and customers at your coffee shop. You’ll be amazed at the fragrances you discover and learn to communicate.

The kit’s 36 scent bottles include many of the most common and most critical positive and negative attirubutes a cupper will find in coffee. Included is a detailed booklet, which guides the user through a training.

Get ready for the Q! If you are a cupper striving for Q-Certification, then this is an indispensable tool for your course and test preparations.

Aromas Included (36)
01) Earth , 02) Potato , 03) Garden peas, 04) Cucumber ,
05) Straw , 06) Cedar, 07) Clove-like , 08) Pepper,
09) Coriander seeds, 10) Vanilla, 11) Tea-roses/Redcurrant jelly,
12) Coffee blossom, 13) Coffee pulp, 14) Blackcurrant-like,
15) Lemon, 16)Apricot, 17) Apple, 18)Butter, 19) Honeyed,
20) Leather, 21) Basmati Rice, 22) Toast, 23) Malt, 24) Maple Syrup, 25) Caramel, 26) Dark chocolate, 27) Roasted almonds,
28) Roasted peanuts, 29) Roasted hazelnuts, 30) Walnuts,
31) Cooked beef, 32) Smoke, 33) Pipe Tobacco, 34) Roasted coffee, 35) Medicinal, 36) Rubber

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