About Showroom Coffee

Showroom Coffee is the team behind the scenes at Crop to Cup Coffee Importers – the sample roasters, quality controllers, and coffee enthusiasts who run the warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.

Here at Showroom Coffee, we showcase the green coffees, roasters, and lab supplies we like and use in our daily work to serve producers and roasters in their pursuit of intentional specialty coffee.

It’s meant to be an easy way to share our favorite coffees with those who – like us – roast their own.

How Showroom Began

To paint the fullest picture of Showroom, we’ll have to start with our sister company, Crop to Cup Coffee Importers…

Crop to Cup imports and sells specialty green coffee to coffee roasting businesses. We’ve been at it since 2004, when our company’s founders began the first relationship with farmers on Mt. Elgon, in Eastern Uganda. From there we expanded across East Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Most of these relationships with farmers, coops, and exporters stretch back years. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of green coffees vetted not only for quality but also for integrity.  

A lot has happen since 2004, here’s a timeline to keep it all straight:

In 2010, we needed a bigger warehouse for our coffees and quality lab. We opened our ‘Showroom’ in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

In 2014, we started working on the plans for the  Arc roaster. This would be a durable, professional-grade roasting machine that would help roasters and suppliers to know their coffees better.

In 2016, we launched the Arc 800, an 800g small batch roaster. Its smaller sibling, Arc S Sample Roaster, wouldn’t launch until the 2019 SCA Expo.  

In 2019, we moved to an even bigger warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. This is our current Showroom where we house coffee, roaster inventory, our quality lab, and welcome customer (as we are able). This allowed us to launch Showroom Coffee so we could focus more fully on serving small independent roasters. 

For they may well be the future of coffee!

Our goal is to support and grow with small roasters.

Our goal is to support and grow with small roasters. That starts with home hobbyists, those who enjoy learning, exploring flavors, and having more control over their coffee. It includes those of us who have developed preferences for particular profiles, only to find we just can’t find anywhere else. It’s the joy of sampling across a harvest, of profiling, and nailing the same profile every time. It’s coffee professionals who don’t have access to a good sample roaster, retailers who want to know their coffee, trainers who want tools to teach, and exporters who want to upgrade their lab. Showroom Coffee is here for anyone looking to take their next step in specialty.

Showroom Coffee

157 11th Street, Broooklyn, NY 11215

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We make it easy for anyone to explore and purchase coffees usually reserved for top specialty commercial roasters.  FREE SHIPPING on any coffee orders of 60lbs or more. Looking for less than 60lbs? Flat rate shipping is only $6.99 for all coffee orders under 60lbs. Cupping supplies, parts, and accessories always ship free!


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