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Arc 800

Efficient and expertly designed, the Arc 800 is the premier small-batch drum roaster for the specialty coffee industry.  The Arc is capable of back-to-back roasting, day after day; a true workhorse. Ideal for a small retail coffee roasting business or the serious hobby roaster.

High-quality materials and custom-fabricated parts provide the Arc 800 with its durability and distinct aesthetic.  Its carbon steel drum allows for maximum insulation and heat retention. Arc 800 is built standard with fast 3mm RTD probes for BT, ET, MET and incoming air and control over gas, airflow, and drum speed to ensure responsiveness and consistency. Compatible with Cropster and Artisan roasting software. Cooling tray has a dedicated fan to allow back-to-back roasting during cooling and rapid cooling. Maintenance is easy with quick access to the chaff bin, exhaust hose, and under-drum catch tray.

Arc S Sample Roaster

Designed by specialty coffee importers, used in labs across the globe, and your answer to an accurate sample roasting system. The efficient carbon steel closed-drum allows the roaster complete gas and airflow control, mimicking production roast outcomes. Its modular design is meant to grow with your business. Start with one and add up to three more barrels, each operating independently on the same gas and airflow line.

Green coffee buying requires accurate sample roasting. Why put that decision in the hands of a machine that doesn’t provide roast data or represent your production roasting environment.


Arc roasters are fully-featured coffee roasters designed around the needs and demands of coffee buyers and small-scale commercial coffee roasters. Equipped with fast 3mm RTD probes and complete control over gas, airflow, and drum speed, Arc roasters are built with consistency and durability in mind.

Here at Showroom Coffee and Arc Roaster, we are a team of specialty coffee importers that began developing supply chain tools for ourselves and our quality lab in 2010. We believe that tools built for use at origin and in our own quality control lab must be small in capacity, flexible for different sample sizes, and affordable. Out of this mission, the Arc S roaster was designed and built.

Dan Shafer, Director of Quality Control, took sketches from his notebook during travels to coffee labs and created the design for what is now the Arc S Sample Roaster. Showroom Coffee co-founder, Taylor Mork, linked relationships with mechanical engineers and specialty coffee roasters to turn the ideas and drawings into a reality.

We stand proudly behind our products, and daily we use both the Arc 800 and a 3 barrel Arc S Sample Roaster in our sister company’s importing and quality control lab.


We’ve partnered with co-roasting and coffee lab spaces through the U.S. and a growing list of Latin American countries to give you a chance to roast on an Arc roaster before you make the switch. Email us or reach out directly to set up an appointment:

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Is Customer Support available for Arc roasters?

Arc Roasters are designed to be intuitive and easy to maintain. Each customer receives a detailed user manual and membership in the Arc owners group, both great resources as you get started. The Showroom Coffee team, as both manufacturers and sellers of the Arc roaster line, are intimately familiar with the design and operation of the roasters.  When general questions or other needs arise, our service team is available by email and phone for customers around the world. We always strive for a quick, detailed response to our customers, and, although repairs are rarely needed, we stock most parts in New York.  Contact us for questions or support.

Do you ship worldwide?

Arc Rosters ship globally.  For customers in the US, Canada and Mexico, we ship from our warehouse in New York by LTL truck, but air freight is also available (contact us). For shipping to Latin America, we ship via air freight from our warehouse in Brooklyn. To see estimated shipping costs, visit the Global Shipping page.

For customers in other countries we ship from our factory in Shanghai via air or ocean freight.  Contact us for a shipping quote using the form below.

Is there a discount available for coffee producers?

We offer a discount on Arc roasters for coffee producers. If you’re a coffee producer or exporter, Contact Us using the form below for a custom quote for you including a producer discount. For an estimate of air freight costs to you, visit our Global Shipping page.

Can you convert units to LNG?

We recommend LPG/propane for most situations, however Arc Roasters can be modified to roast on LNG (instead of LPG/propane) if needed.  Please take note that most LNG service at residential and commercial locations do not provide adequate pressure. Before deciding to roast with an Arc on LNG, we suggest that you work with a gas plumber to ensure that your pressure can reach at least 30mbar pressure.

How can I connect my Arc roaster to Cropster?

Arc roasters (Arc 800 and Arc S) are compatible with Artisan and Cropster roast logging software by connecting via USB. Cropster has published a guide for connecting your Arc to Cropster via USB as well as how to connect a multi-barrel Arc S to Cropster.

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    Huky 500T

    The Huky 500T is a small drum roaster heated by a propane infrared burner. It’s a breeze to set up and operate, making it the best professional grade coffee roaster for the home roaster market. We have proudly served as the premier worldwide source for the Huky Roaster since 2014.  We stock Hukys for immediate shipment from New York, and it’s one of our all-time favorite roasting machines.

    The Huky kits we sell include two options of temperature reading devices–Thermocouple and RTD. Decide which one is best for your goals and start roasting! The Huky is a fantastic roaster that provides superb control for profiling or home roasting, at an affordable price point.