Yellow Diamond Estate PB Washed

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Western Rift Valley

Community Name

Yellow Diamond Estate

Processing Method

Arrival Date

July 2023

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

85.75, cacao aroma, grapefruit, green melon, Hops, potpori, sparkling acidity

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Current Crop 4-12 Months


Habil Olakes moved his family out to Western Kenya to get away from the city, and back to his roots. They started farming corn and chickens, flowers and honey. They kept the latter two, but turned their focus to producing coffee after hearing the enthusiasm of a friend and neighbor of theirs – Stephen Nendela of Muinami Estate. Together they started learning about coffee, hiring top agronomists and improving thier processing. Yellow Diamond is reference to something that is rare and valuable – to Habil, that is family, land, and what the two can produced together.