World Atlas of Coffee


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World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman

World Champion Barista and coffee roaster, James Hoffmann, examines key factors of coffee like where coffee comes from, how it was harvested, the roasting process and the water used to make the brew. All these factors (and more!) influence the taste of what we drink.

Country by country – from Bolivia to Zambia – he identifies key characteristics and the methods that determine the quality of that country’s output. Along the way, we learn about everything from the development of the espresso machine to why strength guides on supermarket coffee are really not good news. This is the first book to chart the coffee production of over 35 countries, encompassing knowledge never previously published outside the coffee industry.  For everyone who wants to understand more about coffee and its wonderful nuances and possibilities, this book is a must have.

About the author:

James Hoffmann has been involved with the specialty coffee industry for more than 12 years. Hoffmann has been recognized as the 2006 and 2007 UK Barista Championship, 2007 World Barista Champion, 2008 UK Cup Tasting Champion and the 2011 UK Brewers cup champion. In his quest to make London famous for its good coffee, he founded Square Mile Coffee Roasters where currently is the Managing Director.