Twongere Kawa Coko Cooperative Fairtrade

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Gakenke District, Northern Province

Community Name

Twongere Kawa Coko Cooperative

Processing Method

Arrival Date

November 2018

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

86.25 – Key lime cookie with powdered sugar, butter, honey-limeade, peach


1800 – 2200 MASL



Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Fairtrade Certified


This special lot from the Twongere Kawa Coko Cooperative’s 2018 harvest is floral, bright and sweet; and the fact that it comes from a small, fairtrade, women-run cooperative makes it that much sweeter. Their president, Therese Nyrangwabije, will be the first to tell you that they have a majority female membership base. In her own words “I set up the cooperative to help local women, and even today, we have a majority of female members here. In Rwanda, it’s the women who are most involved in their households- so when you help them, you help their whole family. It makes me very proud to be one of the few female cooperative presidents, but it’s something I’d like to see change in the future. During my working life, I’ve defied expectations to earn the trust and respect of my colleagues and the community, so it’s something I’d like to see happen for the women of the cooperative too.”
She is truly an inspiration. As you can imagine, this year’s lot did not come out of left field. Beyond their pre-requisite high elevation and rich sandy-clay soil, Coko has been busy in 2016-2018 with large infrastructure investments including a new office and parchment store. The old parchment store is now being used by the women to make extra income in the offseason through crafts. Energized and organized, this group is producing some amazing coffee. This is our first year working with Therese and the Coko Cooperative, and while we aren’t the only ones who are aware of their quality, we are thrilled to be a cheerleader for all the hard work this Cooperative has put into their coffee, showcasing yet another amazing Northern Rwanda coffee.