Tipping and its Avoidance: a Style Guide for Coffee Roasters, by Rob Hoos (Paperback)


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Tipping and its Avoidance: a Style Guide for Coffee Roasters by Rob Hoos

“This booklet is a new publication from Rob Hoos and his first major written work since “Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee.” This book explores the tipping defect which occurs during coffee roasting and suggests a novel way to avoid it. This book is roughly 8,000 words spread across 39 pages and includes full-color graphs and pictures.”-A note from the author.

Rob’s career in coffee includes a wide range of experiences touching almost every corner of the industry. He’s been a barista and barista trainer. He’s supported companies with roles like sourcing, buying, cupping, roasting. Rob is an active consultant with a number of distinguished SCAA certifications under his belt.

More about the author can be found on his website here.

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