Teojomulco la Pluma

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Oaxaca, Sierra Sur, Teojomulco

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November 2019

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

85 – Orange, apricot flan, golden raisin, peanut butter


1450 – 1550 MASL


Typica La Pluma

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Oaxacan coffee is grown on small plots spread over a large, diverse range. Well, three ranges actually. Oaxaca is where the Sierra Madre del Sur and Sierra Mixteca ranges come together to form the Sierra Madre Occidental as it heads north. Guadalupe Miramar is right here at this intersection. It’s an active Mixteca community, the Mixtec name for the place being Ñuñume (meaning above the clouds). At 5700 feet, steep slopes capture the Pacific mists and feed an otherwise arid pine forest. This is home to some of Mexico’s finest coffees and strongest farmer groups.

This is the heartland of La Pluma, a region rich with coffee tradition. And this group is no different. It’s more of a collection of individuals brought together by one family. Roman and Eliel Benito Roman Lopez are a father-son team that organizes collections from their Zapotec-speaking neighbors. Once a season these neighbors come from up to five hours away to deliver their harvest. It’s a matter of trust and tradition – these networks are how coffee has come down-mountain for over 5 generations.