Silimakuta Nuel

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Simalungun, Toba

Community Name

Silimakuta Nuel and Norma

Processing Method

Arrival Date

August 2020

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

chocolate, grapefruit, green bell pepper, Hops, juicy pineapple

Flavor Profile

Best for Body


Upon our first visit to Nuel and Norma, we knew immediately that this was a cofee family we wanted to work with, even if it did end up taking us a few years to finally get his coffee to the US. They operate a small collection center in the small region of Silimakuta, buying from around 100 farmers (near Saribudolok and the north shore of Lake Toba). From the onset, Nuel and Norma appear as a typical, honest coffee collector family. Pulping and drying operations also look standard for a village collector in this region. But step inside Nuel’s home (his porch is where farmers deliver to), and you’ll find they are far from ordinary. A hand-built roasting machine, an hold Hario, and remnants of experiments reveal that he is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what Sumatran coffee can be. He plays with wild and wacky drying and fermentation methods just for fun. This passion is much needed in this Simalungun region, where lack of coffee knowlege in good agricultural practices (thus low yields) has, over the past decade, led to many farmers replacing coffee with orange trees. The orange market ihere s subject to a lot more fluctuation than coffee, and farmers often find themeselves in a worse position. Through Nuel, Norma and our staff in Sumatra we aim to reverse this trend through better training and better prices.