Sierra Mixteca Yucuhiti, Mirimar

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La Mixteca, Mirimar, Oaxaca

Community Name

Sierra Mixteca de Yucuhiti Unidos

Processing Method

Arrival Date

October 2019

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

84.5 – Chocolate, apple, fig newton, lemon, raisin


1400 – 1500 MASL


Bourbon and Mundo Novo (less than 10%), Typica

Flavor Profile


Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Oaxacan coffee is grown on small plots spread over a large, diverse range. Well, three ranges actually. Oaxaca is where the Sierra Madre del Sur and Sierra Mixteca ranges come together to form the Sierra Madre Occidental as it heads north. Guadalupe Miramar is right here at this intersection. It’s an active Mixteca community, the Mixtec name for the place being Ñuñume (meaning above the clouds). At 5700 feet, steep slopes capture the Pacific mists and feed an otherwise arid pine forest. This is home to some of Mexico’s finest coffees and strongest farmer groups.

Sierra Mixteca de Yucuhiti Unidos is an indigenous group that represents six communities. With the encouragement of a Pennsylvanian preacher, this community got their start in specialty back in the 80s. With the help of buyers like Stumptown and Sustainable Harvest, they have a track record for producing coffee at its very best. But then la roya hit. Yields went down, and qualities dipped. 2017 was their first rebound year, but it was too late to keep customers. What they want now is to earn a spot on your menu. They are in the mood for a come-back, and we have their back.