Sidama Arbegona Natural

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Community Name

Mullugeta Muntasha

Processing Method

Arrival Date

October 2022

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

86.75, cardamom, green apple, nectarine, rhubarb wine, sangria





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Prior Crops 12+ Months


Mullugeta Muntasha grew up in the Bursa village, which until recently did not grow coffee. In his youth, he went to the neighboring region of Arsi and worked as a truck driver, transporting cherry from the collection center to a private washing station. Through this experience, he learned the coffee business, eventually becoming a collector of coffee in Arsi and supplying coffee to the central market. Through the effects of time and climate change, though, farmers in his home of Bursa began to plant coffee with the support of the Agricultural office, and in 2021 Mullugeta returned to Bursa and began processing coffee at his own drying station, called Dawencho, where he won 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence for the Dawencho farmer group coffee and 6th place under his own name, Mullugeta Muntasha. In 2022, four of the top 10 CoE winners were Mullugeta’s lots, including that of Legesse Botola—the top winner and Mullugeta’s brother-in law—who processed coffee at Mullugeta’s washing station located next to his farm.