Rwenzori Kisinga Natural

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Community Name

Kisinga Drying Center

Processing Method

Arrival Date

August 2019

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

82 – Lemon, Blueberry, Ginger, marzipan


1050 – 2100 MASL


SL 14, SL 28

Flavor Profile


Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


The glacier-capped Rwenzori range – also known as the Mountains of the Moon – stretches between Rwanda, Congo and up the western Ugandan border. This is where you will find the Bakonzo people, and a unique type of coffee found nowhere else.

Drugar stands for Dried Ugandan Arabica; they are Uganda’s version of naturals. Traditionally this coffee has been of a very low grade; used to add body and sweetness to more commercial blends. The locals call it ‘choboko’, which means ‘caning’, because that’s what used to happen under the British when they were found to dry coffee directly on the ground.

But since 2013, Crop to Cup has been investing in the elevation of these coffees to a level to where one day – maybe – they will compete with Ethiopian blenders. Others have joined the effort, even surpassing ours, and now the price of floated, specialty Drugars can achieve nearly double the commercial standard.

To achieve this price a Drugar must go through a specialty supply-chain. In the case of these micro-lots, this starts with a ‘representative farmer’ who is responsible for collecting cherry from a group of 8-10 neighbors. This system allows greater accountability from the ground up, and makes it possible to mobilize many smallholders (average plot size is less than 2 hectares).