Reshad Ababulgu, Oma Fontule, Natural, Grade 1, Lot 2

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Limu, Oma Fontule

Community Name

Reshad Ababulgu

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Arrival Date

September 2023

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

84, cola, nectarine, nutty, red apple

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Current Crop 4-12 Months


On our way back to Jimma from visiting producers in Gera, Moata’s phones were ringing constantly. A few of those calls came in from Rashad Ababulgu and Mustefa Abasadi, two coffee farmers located near to the Biftu Gudina Cooperative who had, for years, been selling cherry Duromina. It was starting to get dark and we had a way left to go, so instead of taking a detour, we arranged to meet them on the side of the road a few kilometers from their farms. Both had received drying materials and support through USAID, gotten export licenses and in the last year had sold coffee for export destined for Korea—and had friends in their community, other smallholders like Abo Hussein, who were similarly positioned to begin direct export. As the direct export market continues to develop in Ethiopia, we’re eager to seek out and deepen relationships with all-star producers who, for years, have contributed coffee to some of the cooperatives best known for quality. With their own export licenses, they’re able to capture higher prices and market their coffee and brand year-overyear to returning buyers like Crop to Cup. Reshad is a third-generation coffee farmer who farms on land that has been in his family for 60 years; 20 years ago, his father, who had inherited the land from his grandfather, passed it to Reshad. He lives less than a kilometer from the farm with his wife and three children.