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Community Name

Jiwaka Province

Processing Method

Arrival Date

March 2021

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

85 – Pomegranate, cherry, golden raisin, lemon, sumac, tamarind


Jiwaka Province is one of the Highland regions at the eastern edge of the Western Highlands Province. This puts it between the two large collection centers of Hagen in the Western Highalnds and Goroka in the Eastern Highlands. Jiwakas is where the Highlands begin to grow to higher peaks from the wider valleys of the East. Coffee grows in Jiwaka in the valley to the south of Mt. Wilhelm (tallest in PNG) and to the north of Mt. Kabangama (the 5th tallest in PNG). Coffees contributiong to our Jiwaka lots are grown on very small farms (thousands of smallholders are needed to bulk up to a full container), who sell cherry to several wet mills that sell dry parchment to our mill partners in Hagen and Goroka. These are well established washing stations who must develop relationships with individual villages in order to allow their trucks to pick up fresh cherry. Due to the far distance between the farms high up in the many smaller valleys off the main valley, high quality cherry must be picked up by the wet mills’ trucks. Otherwise, without adequate cooperative structures to promote quality processing in the farmlands, the fragmented and inconsstent drying and storage practices upcountry will lead to poor quality lots from these wet mills. Converting truckloads of fresh cherry (well selected, quickly transported and pulped before it rots) from a day’s drive away to high quality lots is a feat in itself!