Mohammed Salah

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Dhahra, Eastern Harraz

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Mohammed Salah

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Arrival Date

December 2022

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

86, cherry coridal, passion fruit, peach, amarula, basil, golden honey


1500-2200 masl


Dawairi, Dawarani, Haimi, Harazi, Heirloom varieties including Mattari, Ismaili, Sanani

Fresh Filter

Current Crop 4-12 Months


Sana’a, one of the oldest continuously populated cities in the world, is also one of the world’s highest capital cities, sitting at an elevation of nearly 2,300 masl—and is the largest coffee producing region in Yemen. Coffee from here comes from one of the highest elevation villages, at nearly 2400 masl, where has been farmed on very narrow terraces for generations. Like in other parts of Sana’a, coffee here is grown in the highlands by smallholders terracing the landscape with heirloom cultivars watered through irrigation or stores of water deep underground who then hand-pick and dry the coffee on rooftops and age it inside caverns. The rudimentary processing methods and limitations of space combined with varieties of coffee not found outside of Yemen result in highly diverse and unique cup profiles coming out of this region.