Mamboo Coffee Network Tapera Station Lot 3 Double-Fermented Washed

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Kapchorwa, Mt. Elgon

Community Name

Mamboo Coffee Network, Tapera Washing Station

Processing Method


Arrival Date

July 2023

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

84, caramel, chocolate, Honey, malt, orange, sunflower butter

Fresh Filter

Current Crop 4-12 Months


During the Covid-19 quarantine, Dison Kareg decided to build himself a washing station. A year before lockdown he had travelled to Rwanda, and was intent on being the first and only to bring the three-channel format to his home in Sipi Falls, Mt. Elgon. With a loan from Crop to Cup, later supported by Root Capital, Dison bought land and constructed, by his own hands, his vision. Complete with a tent located in the pulping room where he can sleep while overseeing batches.

Cherries come in mid-to late afternoon, meaning that Dison is processing overnight. This involves taking 10 to 15 bags lots through a double anaerobic fermentation process that ends with washing and sorting through his 3-channel system, and then constant rotations while being dried on raised beds. All of which Dison oversees himself.

Cherries are brought by different ‘stations’, a network of lead farmers who Dison has come to respect over a lifetime of growing coffee in the area. Mamboo is the name taken by this strong network of select farmers concentrated in the Sipi Falls region. It means ‘information’ and ‘greetings’, meanings that can be seen again in their objectives of educating farmers and making new friends through specialty coffee.

Their HQ is a coffee shop, named Royal Cup and located right in the middle of Sipi town (run by and for farmers). The group of farmers who met her referred to themselves as brothers, or ‘bros’, which is where Dison’s original operation got it’s name of Bros coffee. As the network formalized and expanded, and at the behest of the female members of the board, the name moved to ‘Mamboo’, with station chief situation all around Mt. Elgon.

Tapera is the name that Dison has given to the cherry that comes from these station chiefs and is processed at his washing station in Bumet, directly outside of Kapchorwa Town in Sipi Falls Uganda. There Dison is building eco-huts, so anyone who wants to visit is most welcome.