Kossa Rada Kenissa Organic

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Limu Kossa

Community Name

Kossa Rada

Processing Method

Arrival Date

October 2020

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

83.25 – Sorrel juice, almond butter, lemon, marzipan, strawberry puree


1900 – 2100 MASL


74112, and 74165, ECX 74110

Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Organic Certified


Reshad Jemal was born and raised in a village 8km from Kossa Rada, but, being the eldest child in the family, moved to Limu city to find a job and support his family. From childhood he helped load coffee sacks onto trucks headed to the ECX, and dreamed of being in coffee himself one day. In 2007 the local government announced it was allocating land for coffee farming to local youth, and Reshad jumped at the chance to register. He was given 102 hectares high on a hill in the middle of the expansive and officially protected Babiya Fola Forest north of Jimma. The program of land allocation was meant to allow for jobs and income (coffee farming) while at the same time protecting the ever-shrinking forest by requiring full shade cover, respect of local wildlife and outlawing the cutting of any tall trees. Over several years he slowly cleared low brush under the canopy and planted coffee trees around his 102 hectares. Kossa Rada’s first real harvest didn’t come until 2014, with coffee going to the local market until Reshad’s first export (to Crop to Cup) in 2018. He has been improving and expanding ever since, and Kossa Rada achieved organic certification in 2018.

But times have been tough for Reshad. The 2018 protests across Limu saw farms raided and owners flee, but Reshad stayed around and made an agreement with neighboring youth. He agreed to support local schools through a large donation, and – most importantly for the land dispute protests – he signed an official declaration that he would not encroach past his existing 102 hectares (with little government oversight deep in the forest it is common for landowners to farm past their legally allocated farm). The extortion/donation seriously hurt his available cash flow, holding him back from a planned increase of raised beds in late 2018. At Crop to Cup we are working with Reshad to provide fair prices that allow him to expand, and in late 2019 we will launch a program, including a substantial budget from Crop to Cup and roasters, for Reshad to improve staff housing and increase raised beds.