Josue Martinez Honey

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La Paz

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Josue Martinez, Finca Las Delicias

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October 2023

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85, caramel, honey meade, lemon, lemon verbena, red cherry

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Current Crop 4-12 Months


Josue Martinez began his journey in the coffee industry in 2015, when his father left him 1.4 hectares of uncultivated land. At the time, Josue lacked the funds to cultivate the land. A friend named Mario had a small coffee nursery, and he lent Josue the coffee plants needed to plant 0.25 hectares of his land. This initial coffee cultivation became the key to his growth, leading to what is now known as Las Delicias Farm.

All the coffee produced from these 0.25 hectares of land was sold locally as cherry. Josue saved all the profits to gradually expand his cultivated area, eventually reaching the total of 1.4 hectares of coffee. In 2021, a friend asked to buy all of Josue’s coffee and after the harvest, he praised the high cup quality of his coffee. This motivated Josue to process his coffee to dry parchment for the following harvests, further enhancing the quality.

Josue Martinez loves reflecting on his journey in coffee – how starting with just a quarter hectare of coffee cultivation has led him to the amount of coffee he has today. While he might consider expanding his area a bit more, he’s cautious about not cultivating too much land because he understands that specialty coffees demand more attention. Having one hectare of specialty coffee is potentially equivalent to four hectares of conventional coffee. This is why he focuses on refining his processing methods to achieve excellent quality that commands a higher price, compensating for the lower volume.

2023 was his first year trying natural and honey processes – and with great success! He has 0.7 ha of Obata and 0.7 ha of Geisha that will have their first fruits in 2024.