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At Showroom Coffee and Crop to Cup Coffee Importer’s quality control lab, and across our global supply network of farmers, coops and exporters, we use and recommend the DRAMIŃSKI TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture tester, as a lightweight and budget-conscious moisture meter for analysis on green coffee, parchment coffee and roasted coffee.

Coffee and cocoa farms, importers and exporters, roasting facilities, coffee shops, cafés and baristas use this meter to analyze quality and changes in quality during production, processing, storage and transport.   Traders and roasters can use this lighweight and compact device to analyze quality during coffee soucing travel.   This meter works on both Arabica and Robusta coffee, plus cocoa.

The device is used at every stage of coffee and cocoa production, such as:

  • during the parchment coffee drying process
  • during the green coffee drying and storage
  • during roasting and storage of ground coffee

Key Features
– Backlit screen shows moisture, temperature, average mesurement, product names, modification value, battery charge status
– Easy to clean housing, stain-resistant keyboard and menu
– Stainless Steel Design
– Cover (nut) made of non-breakable plastic
– Intuitive multilingual menu on screen (contact us to include paper version of German, French or Spanish in product box, in addition to the standrd English manual)
– Internal memory of 50,000 results with date and time
– USB interface to connect to computer

Ambient factors such as humidity, excess air, light and temperature signigicantly affect flavour, aroma and shelf life of coffee and cocoa. Temperature of a sample plays an important role in the test, so to accurately determine it, the TG pro coffee & cocoa has a digital temperature sensor in the test chamber, making the result extremely precise (accuracy of ±0.5°C). The coffee and cocoa moisture tester has an automatic temperature compensation feature.

Coffee samples contain aromatic oils which are neutralised by exposure to insufficient or excessive temperature. In addition, a temperature change from very low to positive exposes the material to negative moisture effect (condensation effect).  This results in neutralization or reduction of flavourings contained in the coffee, thus reducing its quality.

[Quick Start Guide]

Data Transfer

The TGpro Coffee&Cocoa moisture meter comes with free, multi-language software for data transfer to PCs.

The software generates Excel sheets and measurement reports (by species and by measurement date), presents the moisture changes in time on the graphs, filters the results by date, allows browsing the stored data, has archiving functionality limited only by the hard disc capacity, saves the documents as PDFs, prints, and has many other useful functions.

Available Species and Measuring Ranges

  • Cocoa 4% – 20%
  • Green Coffee Arabica 8% – 30%
  • Green Coffee Robusta 8% – 30%
  • Parchment coffee Arabica 8% – 39%
  • Dry coffee cherry 6% – 21%
  • Coffee Arabica coarsely milled 2% – 10,5%
  • Coffee Arabica finely milled 2% – 9,5%
  • Coffee Robusta coarsely milled 2% – 11,5%
  • Coffee Robusta finely milled 2,5% – 8,5%
  • Roasted coffee Arabica 2% – 9,5%
  • Roasted coffee Robusta 2% – 9%

Activation of new varieties in TG pro coffee & cocoa pro with the the “Add species” option in the device menu (without the need to service the device).

Included In the Kit:

  • DRAMIŃSKI TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture meter
  • test chamber clamping nut (with mounted 3V CR-2032 battery)
  • carry case and carrying strap
  • 4x AA, 1,5V alkaline batteries,
  • a rubber cover for the mini USB port
  • USB cable for communication with a computer
  • transport packaging
  • professional user manual

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