Cupping Spoon – Lab’s Choice



1+  $13.99

6+   $12.99

12+  $11.49

24+  $9.99

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This is the cupping spoon we use every day in our cupping lab at Crop to Cup Coffee Importers and Showroom Coffee.  It is just heavy enough to reduce unwanted movement and spills, but light enough for a comfortable move between cups and samples on the table.  We chose a deep bowl for the right amount of coffee on each cupping slurp.

The material is stainless steel, the ideal metal for cupping spoons  to avoid damage and discoloration in a busy food service environment and in dishwashers.

The handle is engraved with the Crop to Cup mark, of course!  This spoon is your indispensable sourcing swag.

Price breaks start at 6, 12 and 24 spoons.

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