Exhaust/Cooling Fan for Huky or Other Home Coffee Roaster


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The amazing Huky 500 cooling fan! We’ve loved these fans so much in our roasting lab over the years that we’ve used them not only for our Huky, but also as the cooling fans for our big commercial sample roaster (until we installed our Arc S, of course).  This powerful fan includes the stand/legs and will quickly cool your beans as a cooling fan, or adequately pull your exhaust from your home roaster when used as an exhaust/airflow fan.

Because this is a freestanding fan it can be used with any coffee roasting machine as its cooling fan.

We sell three versions of this:

  • fan only – $109
  • fan + tray (for cooling fan) -$139
  • fan + tray + funnel (for Huky Roaster exhaust fan) – $164

This is the same Huky part supplied in original Hukys from the factory (same manufacturer, type, specs).  110v for North America.  Order from Showroom to make sure you get the right part!

We can also supply 220v to other countries.

SHIPS FREE! (US & most of Canada).  Contact us for rates to other countries or remote provinces of Canada.