Buhorwa Washing Station, Washed, Grade A

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Buhorwa Washing Station

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May 2023


1775 – 1890 MASL


Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon

Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


As political winds changed in Burundi over the years, so has the ownership and investment in Buhorwa Washing Station. In the early 2000s, Burundi opened up the coffee sector to private investment, and stations like Buhorwa then fell under the hands of semi-private cooperatives (Sogestals). By 2020, however, after a decade of politicians slowly centralizing and tightening their control over industry, the station fell back into the government’s hands, to be managed by the Burundi Coffee Deovelopment Office (ODECA).

Throughout these many changes Crop to Cup – has continued buying from Buhorwa and remained involved with the comunity of farmers who sell their cherries here. We have purchased this coffee every year since 2009. Our projects over the years have ranged from off season bonus programs to dairy cows (for manure and income) to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training.

Competition for coffee is fierce in this high altitude region around Buhorwa Washing Station. Buyers from both private and government-owned stations have had to launch satellite collection centers for farmers who do not live so close to the station and who may otherwise be enticed to sell to middlemen. Buhorwa Washing Station itself has 3 cherry collection centers across the dozen or so collines (hills) in the area. . Lots are separated (and cupped) by collection center, by day, in order to avoid potato and they highlight the very best that Burundi can be.