Bera Gudina G2 Lot 1 2019

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Community Name

Bera Gudina Cooperative

Processing Method

Arrival Date

August 2019

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

87 – Vanilla cake, black tea, meyer lemon, peach


2100 – 2200 MASL



Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Bera Gudina Cooperative (established 2017) is located in Gera District (near Agaro, Jimma Zone), and organized under the umbrella of the Kata Muduga Farmers Cooperative Union. Loans from the Cooperative Bank of Oromia and Kata Muduga allowed the 265 founding members of Bera Gudina to construct a washing station and purchase equipment. In relation to other coops in the region, one of Bera Gudina’s challenges is based on its high altitude; although it benefits its quality, the coop often processes late (due to late cherry ripening at high altitude) after many buyers have made their rounds. Thus they have had a tough time building a name for themselves with specialty buyers who work with Kata Muduga. Through the Kata Muduga system, 90% of the FOB price goes directly to the cooperative. Farmers (coop members) are paid cash upon delivery of cherry (avg 12 birr/kg in 2019). As of 2019, the cooperative has been paying back loans for startup capital, thus has not yet issued postseason bonuses or dividends to members, however – following in the footsteps of other sister coops under the Kata Muduga umbrella – they are on track to have everything paid off in 1-2 years. Upon repayment of loans to the bank, the coop will follow the Kata Muduga system of post-season bonuses and member dividends. Bera Gudina and Kata Muduga have also donated funds to local school construction.