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Bag Ends Africa Single Origin Natural

$2.99 Per Pound

Bags Ends products are great budget options for practice roasting or for any time when you may need a general continent and processing method profile instead of an exact lot. The customer chooses the continent and processing method, then Showroom staff will choose a lot or multiple lots from one country. We will write the name of the country on the bag tag. Each bag ends product may be a blend of multiple lots (same country and processing method), thus we do not write lot/community name(s) on the bag tag.
Bag Ends sources can vary and should be seen as a “grab bag” type of product. They are generally taken from the ends of our lots when not enough volume remains to keep in its own inventory space, or from older lots we are trying to move, or from any lot where we find ourselves with too much inventory. Quality or specific cup profiles are not guaranteed on Bag Ends products because they are often past crop coffees and can be blends of multiple lots.

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East Africa, Single Country

Community Name

Not Traceable to Community (see Producer Information Tab)

Arrival Date

January 2020

Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Traceable to a natural process coffee from a single producing country in Africa, chosen by Showroom Staff (country name will be noted on the bag tag)