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November 2019


1400 – 1700 MASL


Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

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Asprotimana is a highly selective, 170 member cooperative in Southern Huila, near the larger city of Pitalito and the San Augistin historical site. Their bodega is in Timana, a small town with big heart. It’s the thousand small touches that scream of pride, and which set this mountain community apart from others in Huila.
Take their annual orchid competition, for example. The café they operate in town, which acts as a social center and, at times, dance hall. Or a photo book the group puts out just to capture the good times they’ve had together. It’s not everywhere that you can see a community develop through coffee, but Timana is one of them.
In addition to cupping every weekly delivery from every farmer, Asprotimana supports training, education, adherence to FT standards, and an inter-generational program called Inclusion Generacional. This 30 person youth group is experimenting with fermentation, at home, in a way that encourages parents to consider new approaches to processing.
Parents like Acencio Villarreal at Finca Buena Vista, whose son has helped to reconfigure the position of their demuscilage machine to allow for more fermentation in a clean tiled tank.
Acencio has four hectares, each with around 6,000 trees (mostly Castillo, tambo and Colombia). He only has 3 of the 4 under production in any given year; every year he stumps one hectare, replacing completely after the third stumping.