AA Yara Estate

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Community Name

Gatatha Farmers Company Yara

Processing Method

Arrival Date

May 2018

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

88.25 – Hops, elderflower, grapefruit, passionfruit, Vanilla cake


1450 – 1600 MASL


SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru 11

Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Yara Estate was founded in 1902 as a British dairy estate; coffee came later, in 1930. Gathatha Farmers Company was then founded in 1971 to buy-out the estate and turn it into a cooperative. Lower elevations are dedicated to cow feed, fish ponds and tea while higher hills are for coffee. As of 2018 the 640 hectare farm was 1/3rd organic, with plans to go fully organic by 2020. Rich red loam soil is well drained and assisted by additional drainage pits. Deep roots are encouraged through aggressive pruning, and in some areas, by grafting SL-34 varietals on Ruiru II stock root.

Gatatha Farmers Company universe functions in and upon itself, located four hours north of Nairobi in the tea-filled highlands of Kiambu County. They work in tea themselves. And fish. And in feeder corn for cows, and in the milk that they produce. And real estate. And more. But all of this is funded by coffee.

Gatatha’s two brands – Yara Estate and Windrush Farms, pay big dividends for members, but only once per year. Whereas most large Kenyan cooperatives have failed over the years, in part because of pressure from members for more regular income, Gatatha has thrived by using coffee profits to fund a portfolio of investments which, in turn, provide monthly dividends to members. From these profits, enough is left over to support local police, schools, roads and water projects.

Sometimes it’s boring work behind the bean that makes a coffee special. Coffees that come from these farms are top-notch, and offer testament to this. Our work with them is to provide that extra incentive they need to take the next step with lot separation and flotation. Because, when you are working with the best, the only thing you can do is keep getting better.