AA Kaguyu, Lot 18

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Community Name

Kaguyu Wet Mill (Inoi FCS)

Processing Method

Arrival Date

June 2022

Cupping Notes Upon Arrival

85.875, chocolate, currant, green grape, honeydew, melon, spiced




Batian, SL 28,SL 34

Flavor Profile

Chocolate, Spicy, Tropical Fruit

Fresh Filter

Prior Crops 12+ Months


Kaguyu Factory (wet mill) is nestled into the red volcanic and loom soils of Mt. Kenya. There are just about 600 smallholders who live within walking distance of the station, and who deliver cherry by hand the same day as it’s harvested. These small collections come in by the pillowcase, which is spread out for hand-picking and some general separation by size which, with floatation, ensures that the pulper is calibrated to the right size. The group is headed by Wilson Wanjohi, factory manager, who has pushed the cooperative forward both on quality, and on conservation. To the former he points to the greenhouses in which raised drying beds slowly dry parchment to FAQ. To the latter he points to their waste water management system which both recycles water, and uses drainage pits to minimize impact.